Tofu making

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Tofu, a must-have ingredient in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Southeast Asian cuisines has risen in popularity especially among vegetarians and vegans over the years. The widely known health benefits have made it a perfect alternative for meat based meals, or even as a side dish. You must have seen it on menus around the traps. Have you ever wanted to make it yourself though?

The tofu artisan, Mr. Ishida gives you a one of a kind experience to learn all about making tofu. With over 32 years of making tofu under his belt, he shares with you his vast knowledge. His locally sustainable business buys beans direct from farmers, thereby minimizing the use of pesticides. Unlike many producers, the tofu is still hand-made to create an amazingly soft and smooth texture.

This informative and fun hands-on workshop is perfect for people wanting to learn about tofu and how it’s made. If you’ve ever wanted to make tofu at home, this could not be more perfect for you! Of course you’ll make the tofu and taste your freshly made creation at the end!


•Create fresh tofu with the guidance of a master.
•Enjoy a fun and informative introductry workshop designed to bring out the tofu-lover in everyone.
•Bring the kids along and foster a love for fresh and natural food in them too.


Step1: introduction; small talk about tofu.
Step2: blend soy beans and water.
Step3: boil that mixture.
Step4: strain it and separate okara (soy pulp) and soy milk.
Step5: transfer soy milk to a separate container.
Step6: add natural and mineral rich nigari (bittern) and watch the tofu form before your very eyes.
Step7: taste the delicious finished product.

What's included

Tofu making experience with 600 grams of tofu to eat there or take home at the end A tofu burger (light meal).

Min/Max Number of participant

Min 1/ Max 40


3 hours


Pick a starting time between 10:00~15:00

Price (tax incl.)

•1 Guest ¥4,980¥2,400
•2 Guests ¥9,960 ¥4,900
•3 Guests ¥14,940 ¥7,400
•4 Guests ¥19,920 ¥9,900
•5 Guests ¥24,900 ¥12,400

Cancellation policy

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•On the day :100%
•No show:100%


A 60min quick and easy tofu making workshop is also available.
Tofu making from soy milk with a tofu burger (light meal). ¥2,150 /person
Please let us know if you want to join the shorter Tofu Making From Soy Milk workshop.